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hi I'm nicole!

A little bit about me - I live in sunny San Diego, CA with my husband and giant Great Dane, Tucker. I love skin care and take my routine VERY seriously. I could be black out drunk at 3am and I would still manage to stumble my way through the entire routine. I love cooking, coming up with new recipes, staying at fancy resorts and ordering room service. I'm the biggest homebody and introvert, but I also love going out to eat and having a fun night with friends.

One of my superpowers is helping people realize their full potential. I love seeing people thrive doing what they love. I believe there's room for everyone at the table. Even if someone else you know is doing exactly what you want to do in business or on social media, that doesn't mean you can't pursue it too. Everyone brings different strengths to the table, and we all have unique life experiences and quirks. 


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